Fall in 20/20

Posted 9/23/20

Sorry, Not Sorry

I’m sorry if my poems offend you.

I’m not sorry for sharing my thoughts.

I’m sorry that I’m not perfect.

Today, this is the best I’ve got.

I’m sorry for my ignorance.

I learn more every day.

And I’m sorry if you somehow think

you’re above the same.

Black Lives Matter.

Peaceful protests,

somber, mourning.

Raucous riots,

burning, growing.

How many headlines

must we see?

Innocent deaths,

desperate pleas,

rightful anger,

killers set free,

before we achieve


Humpty Dumpty for President

Extremist groups

on both sides.

Politics widening

the divide.

Everyone’s right.

We know nothing at all.

Our country teeters atop a wall.

This may be the season




A Remote Math Lesson

Pandemic Life = Headline Life

No Hope + Too Much Noise

Pandemic Life = Bubble Life

∞ Small Joys

Pandemic Life = Anxious Life

Hard 2 Catch Your Breath

Pandemic Life = Cautious Life

Virus > Illness > Death

Pandemic Life = Suspicious Life

Conspiracy Theories ÷

Pandemic Life = Protest Life

BLM ≠ All Lives

Pandemic Life = Virtual Life

School – Classroom – Peers

Pandemic Life = Temporary Life

Future /  Fear

All Men…

Are created

by women.

So show

some damn


Think twice

before you cross us

or slide your hand

below our neck.

All men

are created


but we’re

ripe to take the lead.

Too stupid to believe it?

The world






                 for your conceit.


“You justify killing embryos.”

“You excuse those who cage kids.”


“We believe in the Father Almighty.”

“But you treat His earth like shit.”

“You’re socialists.”

“You’re fascists.”

“He’s senile.”

“Such an ass.”

Which one of us is without sin?

And which stone will you cast?

Social (Media) Circus

We’re blind to what we need to see.

Our ears have been made deaf.

Too damned self-righteous

to admit our problems, right and left.

We claim to be united,

yet we compartmentalize.

It’s easy to see what we want

when feeds dictate our lives.

We excuse our views,

watch our side’s news,

so we can sleep at night

We refuse to budge,

but when you’re judged

will you still think you’re right?

Everyone’s Afraid

Afraid of differences.

Afraid of pretending.

Afraid to listen.

Afraid of offending.

Afraid of dying.

Afraid to live their lives.

Afraid of independent thought.

Afraid of the mindless hive.

How can I so much as whisper

when I’m afraid of those who shout?

How can I spark lasting change

when I’m scared I’ll be shut out?

In a world where everyone’s afraid,

let’s come together,

let’s find small ways,

to show empathy,

to see different’s okay.

The root of our dreams,

at the end of the day,

life, liberty, happiness –

they’re all the same.

Let’s come together.

It’s the only way.

Let’s come together

and be