Jennifer Kaul has loved writing for as long as she can remember. In elementary school, she crayoned classics such as “The Halloween Hoot” and “Monster Gets Lost at the Zoo.” In middle school, she and her sister wrote a series of scary stories called The Dungeon of Doom, though most were tragically lost in a computer crash. In high school, Jennifer wrote notes to friends and essays for class, and in college, she composed lesson plans, assessments, and what she hoped were clever status updates.

After college, Jennifer moved from her mitten state of Michigan to Minnesota. There, she taught lots of awesome kids language arts skills and created curriculum to help other teachers do the same. She also started writing her first middle grade novel.

Jennifer is currently revising that novel, the first of a science fiction/dystopian trilogy that explores the relationship between humans and technology. Her goal is to create a younger sibling to Feed with the soul of The Giver and the spirit of the Harry Potter series, though she knows this is a reach!

To date, Jennifer has published one young adult short story and four nonfiction books for children. Many of Jennifer’s pieces stem from the happenings in our world and the what-ifs that swirl around her head as a result. Her hope is, through her writing, to encourage thought, spark conversation, and make the world a better place.

Jennifer lives in Minnesota with her wonderfully goofy husband and their two curious kids. When she isn’t writing or parenting, Jennifer enjoys developing English/Language Arts curriculum for education publishing companies she admires. She also finds joy in reading, making music, savoring good food, and spending time with family and friends.