Election Protection

Posted 11/5/20

Protect the Count

Count the Vote

Protect the Vote

Protect the Count of Votes

No Steal to Stop

Admit your flop

Democracy stays afloat


Open up your pig-pink eyes

Stop acting so damned surprised.

Filled your campaign with mail-in lies

Told your team to vote one day, one size

While others cast ballots at home, saved lives.

Their votes are counted, pro-blue votes rise.

Trump Timeline

Churches open by Easter

Vaccine by end of October

Victory by Friday

Stop the Count?

Stop the threats.

Stop the lies.

Stop claiming states like they’re your prize.

Stop the whining.

Stop the boasts.

Stop the all caps Twitter posts.

Stop the tricks.

Stop the deceit.

Stop spurring violence when you’re the cheat.

Rules of Trump’s Regime

Small government (of one)

Guns to fight tyrants (back into office)

Rights to the states (who don’t vote us out)

A Prayer

Red and white

Black and blue

Lady Liberty

Broken, bruised

Let’s work as one

Start our land anew

Build a system

that isn’t skewed.

There’s work to do,

and only then,

can we feel proud

to be American again.